Broken online + cheap AI = Avoid

User Rating: 1 | Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting X360
Broken on-line.

Cheapest AI makes for an annoying single player game. The Street fighter versions found on the Classic Arcade Collection and the Anniversary Edition have a cheaper AI still. Who knows why they did it, maybe thanks to people complaining that the game was too easy (when playing against the AI). They (Capcom) might as well makes the hardest difficulty as cheap as they want but leave the easy and normal at an easy and normal difficulty level.

No difference in difficulty wether playing on "easy" (one star) or hard (seven stars).

360 controller d-pad very imprecise.

Nevertheless offline multiplayer is enjoyable.

Descent graphics and sound from the original arcade version (as everybody knows already).

Bottom line: Broken/semi useless online, cheap AI, decent offline multiplayer.

Unless you have buddies to play at home try something else.