The Street Fighter Alpha series is still the best till today!

User Rating: 9.8 | Street Fighter Zero: Fighters Generation PS2
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology features all the Alpha games that were a hit in the early and late 90's. The only slight problem is that it does not feature online play. It includes:

Street Fighter Alpha: The game that started it all.

Street Fighter Alpha 2: The sequal to the 1st hit with more fighters to choose from and tweaked gameplay.

Streeet Fighter Alpha 2 GOLD: The upgrade of Alpha 2 with secret characters and hidden color costumes and balanced fighters.

Street Fighter Alpha 3: The game that blew everyone away with spactacular graphics, gameplay, storyline and hidden fighters.

Street Fighter Super Gem Fighters: The new game that everyone has been waiting for. This cute Japanese anime edition of Street Fighter is worth the wait with great graphics and fun factor.

Overall this Street Fighter game will be remembered for decades to come. This is definetly a must buy for all Street Fighter fans.