My Street Fighter Collection is complete!

User Rating: 8.5 | Street Fighter Zero: Fighters Generation PS2
Finally, after 5 months of waiting looking at gameplay videos, discussing the game in forums and learning more about the game, At Last i have Street Fighter Alpha Anthology.

In January, i wanted to play Street Fighter Alpha 3 on my Playstation 2. Instead of buying a PSONE version. When i heard that this game was going to be in a Playstation 2, i was super happy. It was like my prayers were answered. Now i have the game along with other Street Fighter Alpha games to add some coolness to it.

Street Fighter Alpha: This game is okay. It lacks more super combos, and very little characters. What i like about this game is that you get to play as 2 of the fighters from Final Fight and view some of the endings.

Street Fighter Alpha 2: Smoother than Street Fighter Alpha. It has more characters and even better endings.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold: I don't know why they included this game in the collection but the difference is that it has cammy as a playable character.

Street Fighter Alpha 3: Best Street Fighter Alpha Game Ever. Over 30 characters with new fighters, cool combos, and cool music. Street Fighter Alpha 3 was the number one main reason for me wanting this game in the first place.

Super Gem Fighter: This game was pretty good. The animation was great and it was fun to play with indeed.

All the games are good, They have less load times, and i really like the dramatic battle modes in the alpha games. Now that i have Street Fighter Alpha Anthology i basically have all the street fighter games except for the very first one.