A great GBA conversion of the most technical Street Fighter game ever made.

User Rating: 9 | Street Fighter Zero 3 PS
Street Fighter Alpha 3 is regarded by many people as the most technical Street Fighter gave ever made and one of the best Street Fighter games and a great fighting game,and a great job was done putting SFA3's qualities onto a portable console with the limitations of a GBA.

The gameplay from SFA3 works well on the GBA,the special moves,combos can be done just like on the more powerful console versions.And the GBA of this game still retains the technical stuff such as stunning your opponent with a powerful blow and then unleashing a combo on them and the delicate timing when countering an opponents attacks with a special move or sweep or jumping over a projectile and hitting them with a jump kick,sweep combo.

SFA3 made characters who were pushovers in previous SFA games such as Chun-Li,Sakura,Dhalsim more challening now.

This game has every fighter that's appeared in every Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter II game.The old favorites Ryu,Ken,Chun-Li,Akuma,Bison etc. are back as well as fighters that have never appeared on a SF Alpha game such as T-Hawk,Blanka,Cody(another Final Fight character)Guile,Fei Long,Balrog,Vega as well as others.

The graphics do a good job of representing the game and of course they don't look as colorful as on the more powerful consoles,they don't look too far from doing so and they push the GBA to it's limitations.

There is good presentation and the character select screen,giving you stats on the character and a brief profile about them.

You can now choose one of the 3 fighting styles available ofr each character has and in what way to use your super combo meter.There's also a roster of around 40 characters.

The game even has a world tour mode where you'll face certain situations to test your fighting skills eg. you can fight against 2 characters at once,or have to knock out your opponent using a super combo.

The music at the character select screen has a lighter feel and the announcer sounds charming and not angry like on the SF2 games and you'll hear him say ''can anyone stop this fighting machine''? or '' he was only warming up '' in between battles.

The music during gameplay has the tunes of the arcade version but they don't sound too good on the GBA.The music for the general gameplay is a main weakness for this game.

If you owned a GBA when the GBA was the best handheld available and wanted to play the best fighting game for it,here it is.