The new zombie apocalypse game infects Xbox live.

User Rating: 7.5 | State of Decay X360
State of Decay is a new open-world third-person shooter with great graphics and tons of jump scares.You formerly play as Marcus,but i you die,you play as a randomly generated character.After a brief storyline,the game will become open-world with a single objection:survive.As for the gameplay,it is addictive,and fulled with brain-crashing fun.With 99 guns and 40 melee weapons,the game promises that you will have a variety of ways to sent the monsters where they belong.The stamina system balances out the game.The most of the game may seem easy,but when a zombie horde is alerted,you probably not survive.But don't worry,you will have another change.Overall,the game is very fun.You should give it a shot.