Great, fun, need more!!

User Rating: 9 | State of Decay PC

This was one of those unexpected games that was more fun that it should have been. It is flawed, and it isn't the greatest graphics, collision errors, and needed more content, more depth in story, more everything. But, it was FUN! It was one of those games you wish didn't end. If this could be a launching point for a full blown, Morrowind sized world with more depth, weapons, story, and even just slightly better graphics, it really could be one of the best games ever. Think GTA with zombies instead of hookers and cops to run over. The whole idea is great, build up your compound and have to make decisions. Only the game didn't get in depth enough for them to really make a difference. It was so much fun though. It is SOOOO close to being great, I mean, really I could live with the graphics and some other little buggy things, but if they would have just went a BIT farther, added better AI on the zombies, made some even tougher ones and larger hordes. And the story while fine in simplicity, could have just made you work a bit for a goal, like have to learn a tree of weapon building to kill certain bosses, and build a weapon to escape. They could have added a few things easily with almost no additional work. I could even see this being a MMO, really. Zombie apocalypse camps, have to set trade routs with allies. Need to really work at building weapons, vehicles, compound defense. Lots and lots of possibilities that were not taken care of. But, it is the best zombie game I have played so far. Worth playing, really is. I just want more, lots and lots more!!