If playing a Star Fox-ish shooter is your cup of tea, than you'll be quite pleased with what Star X has to offer.

User Rating: 7.5 | Star X GBA
Star X is a pretty underrated shooter for the GBA. Picking this game up I was a bit skeptical at first. Graphics looked particually crisp for a handheld game, but looks alone can't save a broken game. Much to my surprise though, the gameplay is as solid as the graphics. Let's break things down, shall we?

Gameplay: Pretty much what you'd expect from this sort of game. You fly from point A to point B taking out anything that stands between you and victory. You are faced with a boss every few levels, along with some free roaming space stages thrown in for good measure. The core action is fun and will remind one of the good ol' days of Star Fox on the SNES. In other words, well done!

Graphics: Most of the surfaces are flat, but the game is colorful and runs smoothly throughout. Even to todays standards, it's still impressive!

Sound: Nothing to get excited about. The lasers sound like they were ripped straight from one of the Star Wars films, and music while not terrible, isn't really that memorable either. Overall, just OK.

Value: Seeing as how the game is short, and that you have to keep track of your progress via a password save system, you might not be returning to this one after you've saved humanity. But it's a fun ride while is lasts!

The bottom line: If you're a fan of on-rails shooting then you won't regret giving this one a try. Short but sweet is the name of the game here! (Not literally, of course.)