A good Kotor.rnA waste of mmorpg.

User Rating: 5 | Star Wars: The Old Republic PC
For the first time Bioware disappointed me harshly.
I hoped to see very good graphics, a nice game system, and anything else a Star Wars fan would find in a game like this.
Then I found nothing.
TOR is just KOTOR after all. And it would be a great sequel of it! Finally you can use different characters than jedi, althought the game system is the same of it (which I remember, is a 2003 game). But.. Why put it online? Coops are ridiculous (and useless too), and in the end you'll never need it, or never enjoy it.

Also.. never seen this many bugs and lags. never seen animations THIS bad, never seen online worlds so empty and nor a character creation system so bad

it's a pity. because i love Star Wars, I love the Kotor brand, I love Bioware, but this have nothing or less of any of them. I don't either think that they have changed the graphic engine from kotor 1.
in the end the question is one: why do i have to play a single player game online?
paying too??