The game looks right, but feels so wrong!

User Rating: 1.5 | Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes PC
For a Lucas Arts game I'm amazed, and in a very bad way.

I watched the Clone Wars film, and I admit the die hard Star Wars fan in me enjoyed it. I haven't watched the television series, but I'm tempted to yet.

The problem for me isn't the story, however. I couldn't even progress far enough into this game to have any concern whether or not the story was worth experiencing.

The control system for this game is abysmal.

Before installing the Republic Heroes game I expected something akin to Lego Star Wars. What a surprise that game was, and in a good way! Light sabers went zwom, force powers went woosh, and everything felt like Star Wars.

In Republic Heroes players are the equivalent of a three foot tall midget trying to jump over a 9 foot tall hurdle. Unless you are an ambidextrous genius of hand-eye coordination this game is nigh impossible.

I would understand if two-player mode was somehow an "option" but seeing as it's not, this game offers nothing to the average PC gamer. Please, LucasArts, if you're reading this I humbly request you to patch this game so the second character is exactly as it was in Lego Star Wars (an adjustable camera wouldn't hurt either...). Until that point, I'm disregarding all the Star Wars-y allure this game has including shiny graphics and light sabers, and I'm uninstalling it.

I want to be sure this fetid pile of refuse doesn't spread its foul influence to any of my other games.

Avoid it at all costs.