This Game is for Die-Hard Clone Wars Fans. Not for normal Star Wars Fans or People who play games for fun.

User Rating: 7 | Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes PC
This Game is for Die-Hard Clone Wars Fans. Not for normal Star Wars Fans or People who play games for fun. Let's see the facts.

The Gameplay facts say this game is 'Terrible'. First about the Camera angles. Don't believe those Cool Screenshots. You'll never stay on that Camera Angle. It's always changing so it makes it very difficult for you to control the player. Especially in places where you have to jump from some place to another. As soon as you give the correct command to jump the Camera angle changes and you Jump to your doom. And sometimes The Camera is way too far so you can't see where you have to jump. So the Camera Angle: Terrible.

And it has a terrible Control. Sometimes it responds after awhile you gave that command. So it would make the game difficult. Especially in places where you have to bounce between walls with a lightsaber. And the most terrible Control System is controlling vehicles. You can't take any kind of aiming with that kind of control. So the control system: Terrible.

Another thing is the Powers of the Characters. Jedis are supposed to have lots of cool Force Powers. But this game only have a simple Lightsaber fighting and a simple Force Pull/Throw. I know this is a 'kids' game. But it should have more Powers so Kids could know the true meaning of Jedi Powers. And the worst part is Droid-Jacking. What the Hell? Jedis can't control Droids just by Putting a lightsaber on its head! And they don't do any much help for you either. Droid-Jacking is only useful in some puzzles and certain challenges. But Clones are good. They got some good weapons you can see in the Clone Wars series. But it would be much better it you could 'Command' other clones when you are going to battle with you. Only thing they do is Shoot Droids and follow you.

Another problem is, the gamplay is too repetitive. When they say there're going to be lots of puzzles I thought there going to be various puzzles. But No. Yes, it got lots of puzzles, But the same thing. So there isn't a 'puzzle' anymore.

So you must be wondering "Why did I gave this game 7.0?" Because this game is great for a True Star Wars Fan! You gonna have lots of playable Characters. If you are a Star Wars Movie Fan, You going to play as lots of familiar faces such as Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Kit Fisto, Commander Cody, Commander Bly and encounter against Count Dooku in Clone Wars Style! (No Yoda. Sorry) And if you are a Clone Wars Fan also, You can play as the tough, free thinking Captain Rex or Feisty Jedi Youngling Ashoka Tano and fight against the ruthless Bounty Hunter; Cad Bane. And there are new faces you can play such as Sergeant Kano and Rookie and fight against a new, powerful enemy; Kul Teska.
And you would go to many Star Wars places that had never been seen before such as Juma-9 and Alzzok 3.

So think wisely before getting this game. If you are a Die Hard Star Wars and the new Clone Wars Series Fan and ignore those bugs I mentioned, this is a must-have game for your collection. But if you are looking for a Game with a great gamplay which will give you maximum action and fun, Stop thinking about this game and do some homework!