The Most Powerful Weapon in your arsenal is your Squad!

User Rating: 9.5 | Star Wars: Republic Commando XBOX
No FPS bring 100% action adrenaline excitement like the single greatest FPS of all time, Star Wars: Republic Commando. The game starts off droping off Geonosis and you are introduced to your squadmates, Forty is the allegedly second in command and is the technician and sabatouer commando with no sense of humor but with a more focused goal to winning the war, Sev (my number two favorite) is master of marksmanship and ambushes with a dark, cold, gritty sense of humor and a badass attitude and a taste for violence (like myself) , and the last squadmate is none other than Scorch demolitions expert that had his eye singed apparently is the funniest commando and pod brother of us three, curious. Most importantly for players you play as Boss weapons expert, master hand to hand combat, and squad leader with the voice of Jango Fett, the Legendary Bounty Hunter who created the Clone Army. The four commandos combined are known as Delta Squad, each trained for different specialilties, Fixer as tech expert...well his preffered weapon is the Katarn Vibroblade, Scorch as demo expert his weapon of choice is the DC-17 Anit-Armor Grenade Launcher, Sev as the sharpshooter his favorite weapon is the DC-17 Sniper Rifle. You can order your squad for almost anything in any and every situation, that helps progress on forward to your primary objective. The Music is incredibly unique involving Delta Squad, visuals are excellent, gameplay is deep, exhilarating, and gravity defying, and most of all which is the first in the Star Wars gaming franchise and all others the AI is super damn intelligent. The replay value is endlessly addicting for boatloads of action adrenaline junkies to keep going. I'm honored to say that Star Wars: Republic Commando is by far the first and only most impressive FPS game of all time, worth playing, worth watching, worth enjoying. Delta Squad lock and load!!!!