One of the best Star Wars games available...

User Rating: 8.8 | Star Wars: Republic Commando XBOX
When I bought this game a little more than a year ago, I didn't know what to expect from RC. When I first played through it, I was actually impressed with the single player mode.

Gameplay: Like I just said. The campain mode is very fun and well done. The one thing I like the most about it is the AI is INCREDIBLY intelligent. You can command them to do so many things and there are things that you can command them to do but they can also do them on their own like heal themselves or take cover. However, I was really disappointed in the multiplayer. When playing in multiplayer, everyone's controls and looks seem to go back to default except the last one to join. Plus the maps are kinda boring and you die too quickly. Stick with single player.

Graphics: Very sharp. The detail is good and the texture looks great as well.

Sound: Incredible sound. Everything sounds like it really is in a Star Wars movie. Definately worth 10/10.

Value: You'll definately want to play again after beating it.

So, I would definately buy this game if you are a Star Wars fan. Singleplayer is a fun and epic experience but multiplayer is a little disapointing.