Great tactical FPS for every gamer & Star Wars fans.

User Rating: 9.5 | Star Wars: Republic Commando PC
this game is the very first Star Wars based Tactical FPS i played & enjoyed a hell of a features very intuitive controls which aren't a basically have three more commandos at your disposal each with their own abilities to be used on right occasions.First & foremost its HUD is one of a kind which has immersion & is not overloaded with info which could cause some distraction.great game if anyone of you pc gamer haven't tried its a must have i only played SP only don't know much about MP wishing if Lucas arts will produce a sequel for it.
story is good enough to keep you going through its SP mode its campaign tends to be short but its the gameplay which counts the most and it delivers on all most every front you as a player feel like you are a part of a special team which enhances atmosphere overall you should can still get it now on net retailers should be very low on price.Graphics are as you can see its built from UE 2.5 though a bit modified with normal mapping around environments though feels a bit dated now but should be passable enough sound on other hand is very top notch every single burst of fire to the one liners your squad mates deliver are awesome.this game is highly recommended from me.