Just a really really bad effort...

User Rating: 3.5 | Star Wars: Obi-Wan XBOX
Star Wars Obi-Wan is the result of a very poor effort on behalf of the team who created it. It is seriously lacking in most areas, and it will be remembered (hopefully not for too long) as one of the worst Star Wars games in history.
First off, the gameplay is not all that impressive. Most of the time, the player just runs around hacking up droids or going through a few puzzles here and there. The dodging, blocking and jump functions are all below average. Finally, the multi player is incomplete. There just are not a lot of options, and it just is not satisfying.
Secondly, the graphics are decent. They're not terrible, at least the resolution and textures are acceptable, and the droids split in two when Obi-wan hacks them with his lightsaber. Yet, compared to other games, the graphics just aren't all that impressive.
The sound in the game is a serious weak point. The music and the sound effects are of moderate quality, but the voice acting is what brings it down. Most of the voices are not from the original actors, but for the most part, they do a good imitation. However, Obi-wan's voice is absolutely terrible. They might as well have prevented him from speaking at all.
This game definitely is not worth the money people pay for it. It's a let-down to many Star Wars fans out there. The team that produced this game should have put more time into it, improving the graphics, and getting the real actors to provide their voices. In summary, any Star Wars fan looking for a great disappointment should try out this game.