The Force Is Strong With This Game, BUT YOUR KING OF REVIEWS FORCE IS EVEN STRONGER! This is truly a treasure of a game.

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Wars: Obi-Wan XBOX
Now if I remember correctly this was a launch title for the xbox. I tell you what. I had it on day one. This game is as amazing and fun now as it was then. This is one of my favorite star wars games that I have ever played. It was fun and original and you play as some of the most bad a s s jedi that force has even seen. This game was a welcome addition and I strongly recommend it to anyone, fan or no fan of starwars this game is just that damn good and deserves to be noticed as an instant classic.

I really cant see as to why it got such a bad review. That is just crazy and ludacris. This game is a classic and offers all forms of people some type of enjoyment through out the game. This game is a serious improvement over how bad many star wars games have actually been. This is honestly one of not only my favorite star wars games. Better yet, one of the best xbox titles to have ever been released. I recommend going into your local gamestop and picking this bad boy up while its only five dollars now.