omg best stratagy game ever, never dies

User Rating: 9.5 | Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption PC
ok to put things in to perspective,
my 1st computer died cos i pulled the plug rather than shut down
but i liked this game so mutch i saved up to get a new computer.
my mother said i had to get a lap top for school work only good laptop work it perfectly, un till my brother spraged on me then the dam thing was taked of me.
i got my sis old lap top witch almost melted when i put it in
but endless deleting for pointles files and (some very important hardware was deleted as well oops XD) countless sistem restorse and installs later i almost gave up, but my good friend managed to increase my graphics card output by about 2-3% it just worked, thats how muth i like this game.

well history lesson done, ill review (yes im an empire buddy)

lets kick of with graphics
even with a crappy laptop every thing is reconiable, but with a powerfull computer you will se evey detail, laser shot and scorch mark. you will gizz at the sight of a super star distroyer fleet,
and the planets you control look very eary with the shoud of courupstion,
or epic with a star distroyer over all of them ,
or satisfiying my child self a galactic sized astroied belt.
my overall (can vary from system to system), epic com 10/10 good com 9.5/10 fair com 8/10 (poor/bad com 7.5 the ony thig thats dodje if you sacrifice graphics for gameplay is the super star distroyer loses its textuer of blueygray for a plain whight look

top knoch from ground to space everything is perfect what ever was wrong with empire at war they solved it in this title, it so tatical id advice pausing and checing there attack stratagy, (the easy com tend to rush you, medium tends to hide the bulk of its force hard dont ask i cant keep them at bay with empire.
overall 10/10

brill mixess well with eps5-6
and leaves meny questions and what ifs (if i go in to detail ill splert out spoilers)
overall 9.5/10

overall ill give it an 9.5/10
it will be in your never trade/bin list for a melania

plus its also flexible with the 100s of mods e.g. bored with empire get a good clone mod.