Forces of Corruption isn't the only thing corrupted!

User Rating: 6.9 | Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption PC
Before I purchased EAW FOC I did some homework. I made sure the SSD was available for actual play and it was, but only in Galactic Conquest. As for the Eclipse, it is only available in Campaign for the Zann Consortium and can only be used in the last stage in Kuat. The ship is just a massive unusable graphic mass that can only fire its super laser. This was no big deal for me because I didn't even know what the Eclipse was until I read about it in a players guide.

Being a fan of Star Wars I also read about the new units for all 3 factions and was curious about the Zann Consortium. The Zann Consortium is really the ONLY campaign for the FOC expansion and offers nothing new for the Imperials and Rebels other than some new units and a few in-game changes. I previously played the FOC Demo awhile ago, visited some web sites and ultimately decided to buy a used copy of FOC at EB Games. The Zann Consortium campaign is fairly short, but is pretty fun to play. I didn't even mind that the Consortium is overpowered to the point where I almost felt sorry for the Imperials and the Rebels...almost. The units for the Consortium are unique whereas others are just downright hilarious such as the exploding Ewok! I actually got fairly immersed into the campaign, but felt somewhat cheated after I completed it because it leaves behind some loose ends. It obviously leaves you with the impression that Lucas Arts and Petroglyph will come out with another expansion because of this. I really think they should have taken more time with FOC and completed it because it feels like your playing more of a MOD instead of an expansion pack. The addition of new Imperial and Rebel story line campaigns would have been ideal! EAW is an awesome title that was just plain fun! FOC was thrown together too damn fast and shipped with too many glitches that I didn't experience with EAW! One of them being a quick save that periodically gets corrupted, which you have to delete, and gives an exception error that crashes the game and makes you rely on either your manual saves or your auto save. There are other "bugs" also, but you can read about those in the forums. Hopefully another patch will address these issues along with Darth Vader's voice acting because he seriously sounds like he's being strangled and is hard to take serious at times.

Ultimately FOC is fun to play! However, when you play as another faction such as the Imperials or the Rebels as in Galactic Conquest then the game gets downright frustrating! Your constantly "housecleaning" your planets because the Zann Consortium is always either corrupting them or blowing up your buildings and structures. Most of your time will be spent removing corruption at 1500 a pop and rebuilding structures at a cost too! Some forms of corruption are fairly harmless and are actually beneficial at times, but pretty much ALL of your money will be spent removing harmful ones turn after turn after turn making it very difficult to build fleets, ground forces, space bases and ground assault forces! Keep in mind that while your doing this that the Zann Consortium and the Rebels/Imperials are always attacking you too! It comes to the point that when you finally get enough to build a Death Star that all you want to do is just blow up every enemy planet. Playing as the Rebels in Galactic Conquest would just seem to be a nightmare. It's because of this issue along with the glitches that I encountered that I gave it the rating I did. Other than those it really is an entertaining game to play.

So if you enjoyed EAW as I did than you'll probably enjoy its expansion, FOC. Especially if your a fan of the franchise. But if you thought EAW was mediocre at best then you'll probably want to steer clear of FOC!