Pretty much all they said it would be.

User Rating: 7 | Star Wars: Empire at War PC
When people describe SW: Empire at War as an RTS meets Galactic Civilizations, that's about as accurate as it gets. They hyped this game as a Star Wars RTS, don't really know what more you can say other than that's exactly what this is.

The only other SW's RTS I know of is the Galactic Battleground series. It was alright, but it wasn't all that logical. Watching stormtroopers chop wood and file into an imperial base like orcs was pretty lame. I think some of the moves made by the developers of SW: EAW make a bit more sense in that regard.

Sound effects are perfect. Voice overs aren't bad. Graphics are good considering. Some complain about the scale of vehicles, buildings, and troops... it wasn't all that noticeable to me at any rate.

In terms of gameplay, it's what you'd expect if you follow SW. Rebels are at somewhat of a disadvantage compared to the Imperials. Defense seems to always have an advantage. Ground battles aren't as fun as the space battles in my opinion. Ground battles typically consist of destroying all the enemy buildings/units. Buildings like factories, barracks, and native dewlings will respawn more and more enemy units until the building is destroyed, so the strategy tends to be charge and balance out complimentary units. Big plus that Stormtroopers become Snowtroopers on arctic planets.

Space battles were better though. That aspect was probably the most immersive. Those battles relied more heavily on the strategy of placement of ships.

There isn't much more you can ask for besides replayability. It is true that one can obtain victory in a variety of ways, depending upon settings, but ultimately once you've crush your opponent a few times you'll get bored. There is an auto resolve option that helps you skip the tedium of playing battles that won't be fun, in case you've decided on the boardgame RISK method of attaining planets.

There isn't much room for improvement. It is what it is, but it isn't a KOTOR or JK.