User Rating: 10 | Star Wars: Bounty Hunter PS2
The wide range of weapons makes Star Wars Bounty Hunter
a game worth buying. All the action, adventure, and shooting makes the game as fun as possible! It is worthy
of being the next Star Wars classic video game! Star Wars Clone Wars, the video game, pales in compairison.
As does Star Wars Battlefront. But the one thing I find to be annoying is that the game only gives you six tries
before you have to restart the level. But the game makes up for that minor annoyance by being REALLY fun to

My favorite part about the game's main charactor, Jango
Fett, is that his jetpack allows him to fly almost anywhere he couldn't normally get to on foot. And his
twin blaster pistols are quick weapons if you tap the
shoot button fast enough and as many times as needed or more.

Well... that is it for my review. So long and "may the force be with you."