Nothing at all like the original... they've just slapped the name onto some piece of crap to give it some legitimacy.

User Rating: 1 | Star Raiders X360
Let's get right to it... This game is HORRIBLE and calling it STAR RAIDERS is all the proof anybody needs that there's no real connection between the company formerly known as INFOGRAMMES, now calling itself ATARI, and the *real* ATARI so many of us grew up with.

Other than being set in space, it's absolutely nothing like the original game for the Atari 400/800 computer. That game dropped you into the cockpit of a space fighter on a desperate mission to defeat an array of Zylon fighters who were intent on destroying your star bases. You had to fly from sector to sector and take on up to 3 enemies at a time. It had the challenge of interstellar navigation. Flying from sector to sector quickly involved using hyperspace, and improper navigation could land you at the wrong destination. Also, you might arrive at a new sector only to find that the enemy had already moved on. Your ship had limited resources, and running low meant you had to dock with one of your starbases to resupply.

This new abomination has basically none of that. Starting a new game results in being given a mission of some sort, like destroying three turrets from a Zylon destroyer and another three fighters. The problem is, the "mission" concept completely destroys the flow and overall challenge of the original game. In the original, space combat was an important part, but so was navigation and deciding where to intercept the enemy.

This new game eliminates everything but the space combat. If "combat" is even the right word to use when your "targets" are essentially motionless and not even remotely challenging to destroy.

Part of me wants to believe that nobody could really start out with the idea of remaking STAR RAIDERS and end up with this. In order to hold onto even the smallest shred of hope that humanity isn't just completely doomed by it's own stupidity, I have to think that this project started out as a basic space-oriented shooting game, and then someone in an INFOGRAMMES office who probably wears a suit to work every day and has rarely if ever actually played a video game happened to remember that there was something called "STAR RAIDERS" in that collection of Atari intellectual property that they'd bought awhile back, and wouldn't THAT be a good name for this?

I apologize for that insanely long sentence... but seriously? Did anybody actually play the original game before slapping the STAR RAIDERS name on this piece of crap?