If you ever found yourself having a lot of fun, and want to mellow down a bit.... just play this game.

User Rating: 1 | Star Raiders X360
So you are spending some time on your xbox 360 or ps3 maybe even on your pc, and you happen to have a few extra bucks to spend on a xbox live or psn network prepaid card, Yeah so everything looks promising, you redeem that code, you have you nice nifty balance on yoou account and start browsing the game library, and you see this game "Star Raiders" and you think, this game's gotta be packed with action, and the artwork looks very cool, it's a must buy, let me stop you right there, it is NOT a must buy, it's not even a must download the trial.

The game looks like a ps2 game, which would not be a bad thing had it been releases on the PSP system or the DS, but if you are like me and can get past the graphics - that is mainly achieved by owning a Wii FYI - You try to enjoy the the game itself and think about the gameplay, well you're in for a BIG disappointment, this game is slow, boring and plain bad, you are supposed to be in a very superior spacecraft, or you would think, when you move it feels like you are going 2 miles per hour, the objectives are boring and pointless, and parts that you have to read, are pretty much unreadable since the font is too small.

The story telling feels familiar, if you ever played Robotech: Battlecry you will know what I am talking about, if you didn't well if a comic style that I am not so fond of, it's kind of like a mixture of Japanese style comics and North american comics.

So, to Sum up this lame *ss review:

Graphics 4.0
Gameplay: -5.0
Story: Been there, heard that.
Replay Value: Replay Value? it doesn't even a have a first time play value....

If you want to cry the same way you did when you watched that sad sad movie about some puppy dying, spend your points on this game and you'll be crying in no time.