I hoped for alot for the first U.S. release of this game, but I was mistaken however.

User Rating: 7 | Star Ocean: First Departure PSP
First off I'm not saying this game is bad, but not the greatest Star Ocean Game in the series. First off the visuals are nice, good voice overs, and ok story line. My first bad thing about this is that you have to assign skills to your party members, although I don't mind it that much. I do however mind when some of use the skill over and over and over like a kid hyped on sugar wasting MP like no tomorrow. Their hardly any towns, so you spend a long time going from one town to a different town which is long since you walk so slow on the world map. Besides all the negatives it is still an alright rpg, but the 2nd game in the series is very much better. I just wish the story line is a whole lot better, the battle system better, and bring more difficulty to this game. The bosses are mostly easy and can be defeated mostly within a minute or two, I just wish the developers put more interest into this game. Then again this was the first game of the series, so I shouldn't expect this game to be top notch. With that said, if you want to buy this game, get it used incase you don't like you can return it for something else.