User Rating: 9 | Star Chamber PC
Yes I gave this game all 9's. Why? For a turn-based strategy card collecting game it looks great, had nice sound, and is terribly addicting. And I mean horrendously, terribly, insanely addicting. Yes that's good for a change, and not in the (I wasted my life on Everquest) kind of way. Based on the space faring race you play, you'll constantly be thinking of new strategies to better yourself against the computer training AI, but 99% for against humans. Ohhh the humanity! Not being abe to reload a game because you're playing against ahuman has shown me I'm not quite the strategy-star I thought I was. BUT, with tournaments every week, web ratings, and players almost always available to play you have to keep going back for more. It takes a little to get going in because the docuemntation isn't the perfect, but you get the hang of it quick then, and realize it will take you a long time to master... which means ultimate replayability!