User Rating: 9.3 | Star Chamber PC
Multiplayer strategy games just took a huge step forward with Star Chamber. It just goes to show that what makes a good game is the way it is made up and good competition. Star Chamber has both in ample quantities. There are many ways to win and many different approaches you can successfully take. Your opposition is worthy and goes to show that a computer never really duplicate the mind of a human. The game lobby is a friendly place to make new friends and talk trades and strategy. Since I have been playing (Jan 2004) there have not been any problems finding enough people to play against (this was mentioned in the Gamespot review). I also want to say something about the game length. It is so refreshing to play a game that can be fun and thoughtful but plays out in less than an hour. I just don't have the time to play those 60 hour campaign games, no matter how good they may be. My bottom line is that if you like matching wits against others, you will really enjoy this game. Best of all, you can try it for free and buy the game only when you are sure it is right for you. I really hope this game gets the positive press that it deserves.