Bland and boring with no soul

User Rating: 4 | Spy Hunter VITA

While I've played the arcade original, there were many Spy Hunter games released when I grew up and all of them were terrible. This version is no exception as somehow it doesn't translate to 3D very well.

With the power of the Vita, and being a launch title, I figured Spy Hunter could finally be done right, but boy was I wrong. The game starts out by taking a photo of you for your license and throwing you out onto the street with four weapons. Each weapon is assigned to a face button and I started out with a flashbang, flamethrower, machine gun, and shocker. As I drove along I was ambushed by generic looking cars that rammed me, some that dumped explosive barrels, and some that had machine guns. The action itself was quite dull with little going for it as the game already looks extremely ugly and boring.

Even with new upgrades and morphing into a boat things did not get any more interesting. Driving the car feels like sliding on ice and crashes are uninteresting. For a game that is supposed to be so high octane, it doesn't feel that way at all. The story is also pointless and pretty stupid as there are no established characters or reason as to why you are doing anything in the game.

If only the game looked better and felt more polished I feel it could have been something. As it is, this feels like a beta or an incomplete game. Physics are awful, the weapons seem cool but the results are uninteresting, and then when you repeat this dozen of times it's enough to make your brain melt. I can't recommend this game even to hardcore racing or action fans. This isn't even worth a bargain bin purchase because there are other bargain bin games worth buying instead.