Fun sport and games to play with the PS Move!

User Rating: 7.5 | Sports Champions PS3
So there is six sports to play in this game:

The first one, disc golf:

Well, it's like golf but you're playing it with a frisbee. A slow pace game, like golf, where precision is required. There are 3 discs, a putter, a mid range and a long range, not as much as in golf. Still, the environments where you're throwing your discs are quite different and well design. The challenge is there and you have to figure out how to throwing your disc to reach the goal.

The second one, gladiator duel:

It's the fastest, the one that'll make you move the most especially in the latest stages. It's jut bad, there is no dept in the choices of weapon, even if you hold a sword or a mace, the damage and impact are the same. It might be the one that's the most fun, maybe because it's the one you're gonna be sweating a bit. Watch out, you might have some aches in the shoulders the next morning.

The third one, archery:

Throwing arrows with a bow can be a lot of fun. Especially where all the games are so different and quite challenging. There, you'll shoot classic targets, apples, floating bags of money, pumpkins, watermelons, windmill and more like playing tic-tac-toe, but your shoulder will hurts after a while because you're always keeping your arm up for some time.

The fourth one, bocce:

The one for your grand father. The slowest game, but not boring. It starts with the classic bocce where you have to throw the ball closest to the small one on a square empty field. But then, the environments change and you get a complete mix up field where you have to throw your balls through some tires, big pipes and different stuff.

The fifth one, beach volleyball:

This one is fun with a partner. The thing I hate though, it's you're not able to move you character where you want. It moves on its own. I think there is something goofy about the control where it doesn't always respond write.

The sixth and last one, table tennis:

It's table tennis, where I had the most difficulty to play. I found that the game has some difficulty to locate my racket (it didn't always matter if it was close or far from te camera, it just hit the ball). So, I found it hard to control the ball. Still, I managed to play it and have some fun, but it is a little bit hard.

So, I think it's a great PS Move game. It must be why it sold in bundle with the Move.

The graphics are okay, nothing special.

The music and sound are not very present, that must be why you can customize you're music (putting what you hold on your PS3 system).