A not-so-great SpongeBob game that can be easily beaten - even for younger audiences.

User Rating: 4 | SpongeBob Squarepants: SuperSponge GBA
Pros: Suits well for younger audiences, many cameo appearances, decent sound

Cons: Too easy, not many unlockables, low replay value, abysmal graphics - even for the GBA

Poor Spongebob. Most of his outings have been pretty abysmal and mediocre and this game is no different. Even for younger audiences, you may find that this game is too, for lack of a better word, simplistic. The levels aren't that large and the missions are pretty linear in the sense that there is hardly any room for exploration.

The graphics are shoddy - even for the GBA, and the game is pretty much useless to you when beaten - like almost every other SpongeBob game.

Any devoted SpongeBob fan would probably want this, but as for me, I prefer to avoid even a rental.