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SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Easy win against final boss

    When you are facing the final boss, go to the very left. If you stay there the boss cannot harm you in any way. To defeat the boss, just keep on jumping and pressing B.

    Contributed by: kidwithshirt 

  2. Unlimited water in Sandy's Tree Dome

    In the second level, Sandy's Tree Dome, the player's objective is to scale the tree without drying out. There are pools of water scattered throughout to reset the time until you dry out, however there is a hidden helmet in the level to eliminate the timer entirely. About halfway up the tree, on the left side, there are two branches with birds' nests close to each other. If you bounce to the left and fall down through the foliage, SpongeBob will collect several spatulas and don a helmet. This can make the level significantly easier.

    Contributed by: greatdimentio 

  3. Level Passwords

    Effect Effect
    BGNR Area 1, Level 1 (Jelly Fields)
    CLMB Area 1, Level 2 (Sandy's Tree Dome)
    KYNF Area 1, Level 3 (Fish Gooks Park)
    WKGR Area 1, Level 4 (Downtown Bikini Bottom)
    PFYJ Area 2, Level 1 (Cavernous Canyons)
    NGPS Area 2, Level 2 (Thermal Tunnels)
    WMCY Area 2, Level 3 (Aerid Air Pockets)
    XNRP Area 2, Level 4 (Lava Fields)
    HDJQ Area 3, Level 1 (Precipice Canyon)
    QHDG Area 3, Level 2 (Desert Wasteland)
    WFXM Area 3, Level 3 (Kelpazoic Jungle)
    MNTL Area 3, Level 4 (Inside the Whale)
    QGRV Area 4, Level 1 (Road to the Bottom of Rock Bottom)
    LXHK Area 4, Level 2 (Lonely Souls)
    HGCD Area 4, Level 3 (Graveyard)
    CNXK Area 4, Level 4 (Last Stop)
    LKKV Area 5, Level 1 (Jelly Fields)
    PYHS Area 5, Level 2 (Manray's Lair)
    JRST Area 5, Level 3 (Oil Rig)
    WMBT Area 5, Level 4 (Canning Factory)

    Contributed by: Sk8tRLee2002 

SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Bonus Levels

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Collect 60% of the Golden Spatulas Chapter 1 Bonus Level
    Collect 70% of the Golden Spatulas Chapter 2 Bonus Level
    Collect 80% of the Golden Spatulas Chapter 3 Bonus Level
    Collect 90% of the Golden Spatulas Chapter 4 Bonus Level
    Collect 100% of the Golden Spatulas Chapter 5 Bonus Level

    Contributed by: prudoff 

  2. Level Passwords

    Effect Effect
    WMBT Final Level
    BGNR Level 01
    CLMB Level 02
    KVNF Level 03
    WKGA Level 04
    DFVJ Level 05
    NGPS Level 06
    WMCV Level 07
    XNAD Level 08
    HPJQ Level 09
    QHDG Level 10
    WFXM Level 11
    MNTL Level 12
    QGAV Level 13
    LXHK Level 14
    HGCD Level 15
    CNXK Level 16
    LKKV Level 17
    PVHS Level 18
    JAST Level 19

    Contributed by: War Pig 

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