Hard to decide...

User Rating: 3 | SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab WII
This game: has mixed reactions from me and critics. The game doesn't look bad, but since it is a Wii launch title... The game does a nice job of making innovations with the Wiimote. For valves, you spin the Wiimote around, etc. But like WarioWare and Zack and Wiki, it doesn't come without a hitch. The Wiimote is a bit unresponsive at times in this game, and if you like to sit on the ground and your Wii is higher up than you, you'll have to get a chair or sit on a pile of pillows to get the game to even slightly respond to your movements.

-Nice humor
-Wiimote innovative

-Graphics are not consistent
-Game can freeze up
-Wiimote unresponsive at times
-Bonuses aren't worth the time
-Minigames are pointless
-Easy to lose lives
-Plankton's levels aren't original like his stories in the show
-And a host of other problems in the game.

It'd be best to try to track down Battle for Bikini Bottom for GameCube than play this game.