Could have been better for some camera issues.

User Rating: 7.5 | Spider-Man: The Movie PS2
The game is literally based off the first Spiderman movie but you shall run into other villains along the way. You start at the part where Peter Parkers uncle has been shot and you want justic and to rid the city of crime.


It doesn't really play to differently to the 2 games off the PS1 the game has you doing certain missions beating up thugs and crawling up walls and ventilation shafts. To know where you are going a Spidey indicator tells you which direction to go to and get to your main objective so you are never lost.

The game has you beating up thugs with punches,kicks and over combos which you learn throughout the the game. Webbing them also stops them in their tracks. The controls aren't perfect though because when your swinging you have to press another button to stop doing it.

Another major issue is the camera it seems as though you can't rotate it and with the camera being bad it could cost you a game over rather than getting to the next part of the game.


The character models aren't perfect but at least representable of certain characters like Spiderman and the Green Goblin and it's good how the game has key areas at certain points in the story as well as adding in a few other things as well as other villains.


About 6 to 8 hours possibly but there are maybe a few unlockables you can come back for.

Overall Opinion

A solid movie to game adaption The Spiderman Movie has camera issues but also has some good puzzles and sections in the game to keep you interested plus the key scenes from the movie are in there too. A solid game but it could have been better.

Overall Opinion 7.5