Spider-Man: Edge of Time? ...Spider-Man: Edge of Seat!

User Rating: 9 | Spider-Man: Edge of Time 3DS
This game is dope. I bought the game out of impulse cause I love some Spidey But it's pretty dope, and intense, got me on the edge of my seat the whole time I'm playing it. And its pretty difficult for being on normal difficulty, or I suck But, I would recommend it if you like Spiderman, it's definitely one of the better 3DS games I've played. Fa sho. I'm only a few chapters in but the content doesn't seem to be lacking for a handheld game like I expected. There are various enemies to fight when in battle places, and one thing I love about Spidey games are the combos and this game brings em back in a sweet 3DTASTIC way. There's a level of purely falling, and its so intense, and that's really all to say about it.

Sorry it's not in depth, I'm in the mood for writing at the moment. Too hopped up on that Spidey juice. Now I'm just trying to achieve 100 words by writing nonsense.