the game has a couple flaws.

User Rating: 7 | Spectrobes DS
The game isnt all that great nor is it all that boring either. the main problem with the game is this: PUT MORE MONSTERS IN!!!. There are 22 different spiecies with 3 forms each, thats 66 monsters all together. Oh come on, disney, you can do better than that. you already stole the concept gaming from pokemon, why not bring the same number of monsters?, which brings me to my next point.
Here is a lesson for everybody reading: ALL GAMES HAVE AN ORGIN. if u put it like that, almost all rpg games are like pokemon(at least the ones with monsters).
You cant say "Spectrobes is a rip-off of pokemon without a good reason. You wanna see a bigger rip-off of pokemon, look DQM joker(even though it is a better game than this). In this game you dig them up, in DQM you be-friend them. in this game there is different combat controls. In DQM you just tell your team what to do, in this game you use L and R buttons.
So before crticising one rpg, you might as well criticise all of them.