They did it! They actually managed to kill Spawn (the eternal?)!

User Rating: 2.5 | Spawn: The Eternal PS
So much potential for a great game yet so little accomplished! This is one of those games that would be better off buried E.T. style in some desolate desert. When I got this game I experienced the following (in order): Excitement!...disappointment!....DISGUST! Enough said on that, now lets get down to business.

The graphics are dark, blurry, and distorted. The controls are shoddy at best. The camera positions are frustrating. The storyline is, well...what storyline? The battles are repetitive. In short, this game has nothing going for it besides the name Spawn.

This is the game that shouldn't have been, and I wish it wasn't !

I think this concept has potential if ripped down to..... let's just say save the name and start over. I would use a game like 'God of War' as a template and then branch out from there.