Even for a Spawn fan, this game does nothing but disappoint.

User Rating: 1.7 | Spawn: The Eternal PS
As a big fan of the Spawn comic book series, I was eager to check this game out when I first got my PlayStation. Oh if only someone had warned me about it. Simply this game is garbage. You start off the game as everyone's favorite (okay probably not) dead superhero. You go around levels solving simple puzzles and battling thugs on the street. The problem is the controls are so bad, finding out how to solve the puzzles isn't the problem. The problem is how do I get my character to work correctly. The controls are absolutely horrendous and unresponsive. Getting Spawn to do someting as simple as jump to another ledge, is a pain to do. The idea of wandering around and battling only the enemies you want, wasn't a bad idea. Too bad the combat system is also terribly executed. Yoy walk around the game in a standard third-person camera style, but as soon as the combat starts, you go into a fighting style similar to Tekken. Except Tekken was good. The moves in Spawn are so difficult to do, the only way to really win is to just be ridiculously cheap and press the same button over and over again. The levels are uninspired (oh no another graveyard!) and you've probably already heard similar music in better games. Over all, don't buy this game. No matter how much of a hardcore Spawn fan you are, this game does nothing but disappoint.