One of the best 4x games to ever come out. Truly a brillant game with incredible depth and modding potential.

User Rating: 9.3 | Space Empires V PC
If your looking for eye candy here you won't get it. This game is all about game play and depth. While the learning curve for the game is a bit stiff at first, you get the feel for the menu's along with the in's and out's of the game relatively fast. The offers incredible depth in game play. Like in any other 4x game the objective is to eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate. Colonizing is easy, you design a colony ship, either manually fill it with colonists, or if you know where you want it to colonize, just click the colonize button and the computer will load up colonists for you and set the ship on its way to colonize the world you selected.

The great thing about this game is that you get to design your own ships. Not the look of the ship but the components that go into it. From bridges to engines, beam weapons to shields its all yours to build.

While the UI leaves a lot to be desired at this point, it is still one of the best features of the game and is getting better with each update and patch.

Intel, politics, and research are all key elements of the game and have a huge selection of option too choose from.

Combat is very good too. The look of combat with the 3d ships and such is very impressive to look at. The 3d system maps are cool too with spinning planets and huge stars.

This is not a game for people who just want to jump in and start a war. It is a game that requires some dedication and attention to detail. It is a game for serious 4x gamers who love a great challenge and are more into game depth than game graphics.

To put it simply SE V is a combination of Chess and Poker. Other games just don't seem to have the depth that SE V has. They seem more like playing tic tac to and checkers with no real challenge to them.

One of the best features of this game is the moddability. If you can read, you can edit this game and mod it until your heart is content. It is a modders dream.

All in all, while the game does have its minor flaws, it is a superb adventure in 4x gaming and one of the best 4x games ever. Having been developed by only one man, Aaron Hall, the game is surprisingly addictive. The on going support for the game has been outstanding. Bugs are being resloved and game play issues addressed. This is one very good game.