Civilization gone into space

User Rating: 9 | Space Empires V PC
When I first tried this game, I was a little hesitant. I looked at the reviews here and found that there were very mixed reactions. However, I do think that it's a fairly good game.

In my opinion, what probably makes or breaks the entire game for people is the fact that you have to make all of your ships yourself. This can either be a cool feature that you'll love, or an annoyance that you can't use pre-designed ships. However, if you like to be creative and like to come up with new combos and designs, this is a game that you'll probably enjoy.

There are many levels of research, as well as special ruins that allow access to specialized technologies. Finding the right combinations can be a large part of the game, and the special tech trees allow for a fairly high replay value.

All things considered, there are bugs that make the game less enjoyable than it could be. The patch, however, fixes most of those bugs. If you enjoyed the Civilization series, I would recommend this game, but the patch is definitely something you'll need to look into.