Too much of the same, Nothing is different

User Rating: 4 | SoulCalibur VI XONE

The biggest disappointment, to me, is how little the roster has changed over the years. There are no real quality additions and the roster is actually quite slim for a fighting game. This is the one part of the game I really wish they had expanded on and sadly, They did not. The same applies to the locations (maps) as well. It's virtually the same look/style from previous games but with a modern update. I was hoping for some more diversity among the environments, Maybe have some cool environmental interactions as they have in the Mortal Kombat franchise. And while visually the game looks fine, It's the bland and uninspired environments that take away from that aspect of the game.

Now as for the gameplay, It's still very much the same as it was in the previous SC games so you are safe there. The game modes are virtually the same as well and that is a major disappointment. You figure for the first release in years, The first release on the current-gen consoles, that they'd want to do something new in order to interest people but they don't. It's all very much virtually the same game and that freaking sucks. Do something you know, You don't have to change the entire game but add something to it so it doesn't seem like you're just recycling the old stuff and not giving fans anything new to enjoy.

And they really need to fix the multiplayer of this game. Getting into a match is difficult enough but actually being able to play a match is something else entirely. I am often lagged out while playing and it leads to a lot of frustration when playing and there's only so much single player stuff to do before you just get bored of it.

Overall: 4/10
Soul Calibur 6 offers nothing new and I can say that genuinely and honestly. It's really just a modern take on the old game while the developer tries to pass it off as something entirely new. They don't offer anything different, Well aside from the broken multiplayer and needless collectables.