sc5 has the best online system and cuztomization isa sc-game ever seen,,but it stops here;p

User Rating: 7 | SoulCalibur V X360
--to my suprise i didnt find

sc5 as good as the previous,,.--

seomwaht stiff gameplay,,no need for special attacks i mnthis game,,ruind it;p

though it has some good new and interesting ,,unqie char ,,moslty just 3 new char are;p,,,.-

like viola and wolfman,p;) ,,with its lame opening scene,,lame story mode,,makes me Zzz,,and just okay arcade mode,,too few modes,,worse otions menu,,cuz u cant change anything,,u are now 0wned;p,,.-

ehm anyway this game has athmopshere,,but i wish it had more,,

recycling char is just not good enough;p,,,

2player is always fun though;),,new arenas are good and interesting,,

Ai is suprisingly very hard,,almost too hard;p,,

it almost felt u where resitrcted alot i nthis game here ,,bsides onlnie and cizmazation ,,whihch where exelent,,

also not many round in simple arcade modes,,

all in all though the modes could hae been better,,

but i giues online and cuzmtomization makes up for it,,cuz they are both extremly strong;pp;),,thankfully;),,

anyway me out,,and cheers;D;)