Being that I haven't played the whole game fully, It's sad to say I probably never will.

User Rating: 4 | Sonic Unleashed PS3
So I only played a few minutes at my friends house on the Wii and the demo of the game. To be honest I probably played the game for only an hour or so.

What I find most disturbing about this game is the idea that removing Knuckles as a playable character because no one liked looking for jewel shards, they proceed to replace them with an evil looking Sonic with stretchy arms (Which I admit made Sonic look good) looking for tokens or something. But if it was this part of the game play we wanted to get rid of, why put it back in?

Making Sonic move fast works only if the game isn't hard if he wasn't. What I mean is once you get past the first few levels which are ridiculous to get to (gotta look for annoying emblem things to get to a level), you then are greeted with impossible levels. My friend had gotten to Eggman Land or something like that and she gave it to me to try and beat. I got pretty far into the level and all was good until Sonic starts moving really really fast and that's good if the level wasn't full of platforms that were only 5 foot distances which you cover in 2 seconds before falling off the edge.

Which brings me to this thought. What ever happened to Sonic stopping when you got close to an edge without jumping over it? Why is it that this game delights in letting you fall over the edge? This is extremely difficult to deal with let alone trying to play this on Wii. (It seems to have better ratings for Wii, probably because of child-friendliness) When trying to make games realistic, I doubt that Sonic, no matter how fast he's going would fall off a ledge without thinking before he did so. I'm just going along and I can't see all of the path in front of me because it makes a slight dip, which is where the camera problems come in and next thing I know Sonic's way out there and I'm so far back here and he falls into some lava.... pushing the camera far back was a good effect, but it should be only done in a place that won't kill us so we might actually be able to play the game properly.

All in all, I'm slightly disappointed by Sonic games in general and have finally seen the light and gone to things like Assassin's Creed and Prince of Persia (Ubisoft makes good games...). I might get my money's worth....