sonic unleashed review

User Rating: 8 | Sonic Unleashed PS3

I don't obviously see why so much hate this game. sonic unleashed is a masterpiece without a doubt! here is my first review of this game.

Story: the story takes place during the end of one of sonic's adventures. he boards dr. Eggman's ship. while dodging his robots he turns into Super sonic and confronts Eggman in his base. after talking with him, Eggman traps super sonic and takes away his power and turns him into a werehog. Eggman then launches him out of his base with the 7 chaos emeralds. after falling from the sky he lands on a strange being later given the nickname Chip. Sonic and chip both go on an adventure to bring Chip's memory back and restore power to the 7 chaos emeralds. the story does't hold that much of an impact but… it alright.

Score: 8.0

Gameplay: there are two types of gameplay for this game. The daytime sections and the nighttime sections. The daytime sections are the regular types of sonic stages that have you running fast and collecting rings. The boost from the sonic rush series returns and can be gauged by collecting rings. the boost is quite gimmicky and annoying, but it helps sometimes. The nighttime stages are a complete 180 degree turn from your typical sonic stages. Sonic turns into a werehog, and instead of running fast he punches things. like Shadow the hedgehog and sonic 06 the enemies have health meters. sonic has many attacks to use that can be used to take down enemies. Like many RPG's you get a level up system to level up sonic to give him more health or stronger attacks. the gameplay itself isn't that bad.

Score: 8.5

Music/sound: this games music is at it's best with great hits like rooftop run, Chu-nan, jungle joyride, Cool edge, windmill isle, and savanna cittadel. the sound is very smooth and nice.

Score: 9.0

Visuals: This game is by far the best looking sonic game, better than sonic colors, and sonic generations. the colors are vivid and more detailed. it gives the hub worlds a lot of aphtmosphere.

Score 9.0

Length: overall the game has 8 continents (not including Eggman land.) each continent contains 1 main day stage and one main night stage. there are 2 bonus day stages and 1 bonus night stage which makes about 40 stages.

Score: 8.5

Extras: I don't really feel like there is any extra things after completing the game other than replaying the stages or doing random missions. you can purchase a TV, phonograph, and a bookshelf. these are used to watch cutscenes, play music, or look at concept art.

Score: 6.5

Story: 8.0

Gameplay: 8.5

Music/Sound: 9.0

visuals: 9.0

Length: 8.5

Extras: 6.5

Overall score: 8.2 Great!

Should you buy it?: Go ahead!