The wrose 3D sonic game ever made, proabelly the wrost. and this coming from somebody that LIKES 3D sonic.

User Rating: 5 | Sonic Riders GC
Me, I don't belive in the whole 'sonic's going downhill' thing, partly it's a chiche and I never seen an epic stream of great games from this fraincise but a few rare games(most often the 3D ones)that are epic and worth playing. Sonic's does have more intresting games then Mario, but that's not saying much in my opinion.

However, I still won't denine that this is not a good game, be it sonic, racing or in general.

I'll get over with the bad of it before I get to the good bits.

- *english*Voice acting: Saw this coming, didn't you? The highest anyone goes is tolerable, which goes to Amy, Sonic and Wave. Other then that, phails.
-the plot: Unlike most people, I do find the plots in the Sonic games were done quite well. most older games(other then Sonic CD) and Heroes weren't that welly developed, but decent and has its moments. This is an expection. The plot was a chiche, short, bland, plot-holed infilled mess.
-the gameplay: Ugg. When it ain't hard, it's lame.
-Graphics: expect for what I said below in the good, the graphics weren't that great, even for a gamecube game

I could go on, but I don't want to make this a rant.

This game has some good though:
-The babylon Rouges are very well written, well developed characters that feels like injustice was brought to it because the game they were introduce in was awful
-The starting sceane of the Heroes' story grapics were very well done for a game of its type.
-dialoge, though at parts were done poorly, was pretty decent and at least and oringal as the plot ain't.
-the intro was done well. 2nd Best Sonic game intro I seen next to Shuffle.
-the drawing style on the game was good.
-Surpisenly, the sequeal looks more appealing, entertainning and a better racing game.

Though, I don't bother playing this. It's not worth the money or the time.

If Sonic and Mario at the oylminc games counts as a sonic game, that pwns this game in the catergory of 'wrose 3D sonic game ever made.'.

And note, I got both SAMATOG and this as christmas presents, I didn't ask for them nor did I buy it with my own money.

I didn't bother beating it, since it was awful to me.