I got jipped 50 dollars! this game is as bad as sonic is fast!

User Rating: 3.5 | Sonic Riders GC
Sonic the hedgehog he has some of the best and wost games ever mostly the worst and this one is no exception
Story: Sonic goes on boreds even though he can run to first sonics that smart! (sarcasm) all you do is try to do is win a competion then a island popped out of nowhere WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! well lets just say the story is the best part of this which isn't saying much on a game like this 4/10
Gameplay: you ride a board to race to the finish and to rip mario kart even more its 8 riders at once! how copied can you get! its boring because no items and speed boosts can only be done shortly or else you bored will run out of air. its so stupid. its fun to rail but thats it. the tricks are boring and redudant and there are courses countered to the main 8 courses which kinda jipps you off they are the same course with some gimmicks. 3/10
Music: boring and bearly memorable like hear it it either is something you didn't care about or it sucks! 3/10