Not as bad is i thought it would be. Read my review to find out why...

User Rating: 9.5 | Sonic Riders GC
So, i read all about Sonic Riders and most of it was negative stuff, so i basicly bought the game to see if this was true..

How wrong could the magazine have!?

Before i go with the good stuff heres the bullsh*t of the game.
The game started off pretty simple not to difficult controls in the game.. but then suddenly the game takes a turn and becomes **** extremly hard, it seem you can't get on 2nd place because the lesson with this game is that you are a big loser if you don't come in 1st place.

Despite that bullcrap i find the game enjoyable.. still there are a few flaws that make this game somewhat unplayable but if you can oversee those flaws you have yourself a good sonic game that doesn't suck..

The graphics are not that bad.. for an gamecube game this is actually pretty sweet!
People don¨t you dare call this game an Mario-Kart Rip-off since it's not.. Of course it's a race game but hey they are not driving go-karts they are using boards!

I think i like this game since i am a die-hard Sonic fan..
If you agree with this review then you buy this game but if you are one of those who says: F*ck that moron he knows nothing!
You don't need to buy it.. my review is just my opinion of what i feel about this game.