A good deal on a MegaDrive/Genisis with a nice presentation and some nice extras, the Game Gear games let this down :(

User Rating: 8.7 | Sonic Mega Collection Plus PC
Ok, if you havn't played any of the old sonic games on the mega drive/Genisis then WHERE THE F*** HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THE LAST 15 YEARS?!!!!!!!!!!!!! this pack includes the amazing mega drive/genisis sonic games which are still as playable as they were when they were released as well as the medicore Game Gear sonics all on 1 PC DVD. This includes loads of comics, illustrations and other art as well which is probably why the game weighs in at 3GBs. The menu's you navigate to get to the games look pretty nice and you also get a montage of the game your about to play when you have the select thing over it, this pack includes:

Sonic1,2,3 and Sonic And Knucles:all very nice games, these will probably get most of your attention

Dr Robotnick's Mean Bean Machine:they included both the Mega Drive/Genisis version and the Game Gear version for some reason, both are almost idential exept the GG one has terrible graphics and sound, the Mega Drive/Genisis one is ok, won't get too much attention but worth playing more than once

Sonic Spinball:a crazy pinball spin-off of the sonic game, pretty crazy, i havn't played this more than once yet but it might be quite good

Sonic 3D:this is pretty good as well but not as fast as the 2D ones

Sonic The hedgehog(gg),Sonic Chaos, Sonic Drift every other Game Gear sonic: very short levels, dodgey gameplay and hideous sound make you wonder why Sega included these

i think i've gone on long enough so i'll wrap this up

Gameplay: 9 Sonic action at it's best, though the GG games mar what is otherwise pure gold

Graphics: 9 very good for it's time, it's a bit of a letdown the whole thing can only be played in 640x480 so how good it looks really depends on how well your monitor handles low res, on a flatpanel, it looks pretty nice

Sound: 9 the GG games sound terrible but the megadrive/genisis ones sound as good as they ever did, you'll notice the jumping sound effect has been changed to the Sonic CD one in 1,2,3 Sonic and Knuckles and Sonic 3D

value: 9 some real gems and some big stinkers that shouldn't have been made, also some unlockable games, if this had Sonic CD, it would have great