Our blue blur stars in his new game, together with his younger version. A brand new adventure, but is it worth playing?

User Rating: 9 | Sonic Generations X360
The game starts off with ''classic'' sonic speeding through Green Hill Zone, just like he did in Sonic 1. When he managed to get through the level, a mysterious creature called the time eater came out of nowhere and kidnapped our little buddy. At the same time, 20 years later, ''modern'' sonic gets suprised by his friends as part of his birthday. Mean Bean Time Eater came to ruin the party and swallowed sonic and his friends. Sonic appears to be in a white zone (a hub world) and runs to Green Hill Zone, bit by bit to rescue his friends.

The gameplay is awesome; no werehog, no sonic with sword, no sonic's friends (although none of these would matter to me). Classic Sonic is the one you might remember from the earlier years of sonic. Seeable as 2D, Classic Sonic speeds through the zone with spin dashes and fast walking. Otherwise, Modern Sonic is the one we remember from Sonic unleashed/Sonic colours: Homing attacks, Boosting, Stomping, Wall jumps and Lightspeed Dash. Every gamer has something: The old-skool gamer has classic, the modern players have magic. Both the sonic's are very fun to play.
The duration of this game is on the short time if you look to the story mode. People can finish the game in about 4 hours. I by myself actually completed it in several days, because I didn't want to complete it that fast. There are many things to do, such as doing challenges, collecting red rings and repeating them all over again. I already completed this game 4 times, because even if you already completed the game, you still want to play it.

The music being played are remixes from the original acts. Those are composed into beautiful new songs. Can't get enough of City Escape? Sonic Generations brings you 2 brand new versions of it which are A-MA-ZING.
Also a very, very nice detail is that you can switch music while playing an act. Let's say, you never liked the music of Chemical Plant and the music is the reason why you don't want to play it. Well, here's the solution! You can choose out of 55 songs to play, like Kingdom Valley from Sonic Next Gen, Leaf Forest from Sonic Advance 2 and go so on.

The Quality of the game is like it used to be in any Sonic game. It gives the perfect feeling, like being in crisis city, surrounded by flames and a big flame tornado. Of course the Quality are not as beautifull as games like Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2, but that doesn't matter for our blue blur.

Sadly, yes, Sonic Generations have some downsides but come on, what game doesn't have that? There are a few points I'd like to talk about:
-Short Story (it can be completed in like 4/5 hours without counting the extra's)
-Not that much cutscenes (I LOVE TO SEE CUTSCENES)
-No multiplayer: you can't ''race'' against other people from xbox live, playstation network etc. Instead, it does have Leaderboards, which are quite nice, but too bad some people like to mess around with it thanks to cheating.

Sonic Generations is a very good game which, if your a sonic fan or not, I would recommend to get. It keeps you playing, even after you completed the game and that's very positive. It has some downsides but that doesn't involve the game experience that much. If your bored and don't know what to do, here's your answer.

I really enjoyed the game, and it was confusing me what grade it should have. In my opinion it should get an 9.5 out of 10, but maybe a 9 fits this game better. But what does 0.5 mean? The game is still very awesome, the grade doesn't even matter. After a short downwards period (for many fans, only game i disliked was sonic next gen because it was too rushed), Sonic managed to came out of it with a succesfull game. Sega, you did a really good job on this one.

This was Metalsteelix, over and out.

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If you won't have the possibility to get this game on the xbox 360/playstation 3/pc, you might check out the 3DS version. Different and still awesome.