"Gaming at it's best.".

User Rating: 10 | Sonic Generations X360
I think everyone know our friend Sonic here: he is the fastest living thing alive, a chubby, blue, small hedgehog with pointy shoes... What, wrong hedgehog? What about a tall, skinny fast chilli-dog lover hedgehog that is the fastest and collest living thing alive? SAY WHAT?! Still not enough for ya? Well, WHAT ABOUT BOTH OF THEM, COMBINED IN THE SAME GAME?!
That is Sonic Generations for you. We all know, Sonic had a shear of bad games last years (be looking at you, Sonic 2006...),there were exceptions, Like Sonic 4, that was a good sidescroller with Excellent graphics, but it was slow. Another exception is Sonic Colors that was perfect.
But this game... it's IT'S..... OUTRAGEOUS.
The story, unlike his competitor Mario, is good, and VERY different. Kinda unusual actually.
Sonic is celebrating his 20th anniversary (yes, Sonic actually ages!)(and how funny it is that AGES is SEGA backwards!), when suddenly, A paradoxial Scary creature called Time Eater ruins everything, and makes some weird time errors, like Green hill zone getting completely white, and (50% of the plot is based on this.) makes classic Sonic come back from the past, meaning that now we have 2 Sonics!
The rest of the game, You switch between Old Sonic (Those are SideScroller levels) and Modern Sonic (Both 3D and 2D Platforming combined) while returning to old and new stages, be them from Sonic The Hedgehog 3 on the Genesis or Sonic The Hedgehog 2006. (complete with remastered music)
Enough with plot, let's jump into the Gameplay!
Honestly, I Think the controls get a little time to get used to, since they are kinda different from , say, Sonic adventure 2 On the Dreamcast, but the Xbox 360 Controller kinda gets around with this by ripping-off the Sega dreamcast Button Layout.
Gameplay is BLOODY. AWESOME.
Literaly, pick up Sonic Adventure 1, mix it with Sonic Adventure 2, mix it up with Sonic 1,2,3,4, And there you go.
The controls are fluent, despite my objection up there, but after you get used, everything is DIAMONDS.
Now the thing everyone wats to know about nowadays, the graphics.
Well.... I have no comment here. Sega never ceased to impress me graphically since 1990. But this... Is breathtaking.
These, are HANDS DOWN, the best graphics i've seen to DATE. And I've played a lot of games.
There are so many things on-screen happening at once, the game is so colorful, the enemies move so fluently, your character looks so damn good, expecially on 3D, well, you must've got my point on this already...
Another breathtaking think about this game is the Sound. Every stage has a Excellent music, combine this with good sound effects, with excellent graphics, makes this gameget next to reality on those terms. Can't say the same for the voice acting, tough. Tipical Sega voice acting, HORRIBLE.


Sonic Generations is a ground breaking game, it is so good, that if you play it for ten minutes on your Xbox, It already starts to smell like burning plastic! Yeah! It is so good, the Xbox can't even handle its awesomenes! So, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who already had any problem with the infamous Red lights.
I really recommend this to pretty much anyone, from kids to grandmas, from the pacifists to war soldiers, to die-hard Sonic Fan, Die-hard MARIO fans (to make them stop calling the Sonic fanbase bad and make them look at theirs for ONE FREAKING SECOND.), Die-hard Side-scroller fans, Shooter players, Casual Gamers, players, Gamers, Nerds, Hardcore gamers, Girls and ect. blah blah blah.

PLOT: 9/10
SOUND: 9/10

O V E R A L L : 9.6, 9.5 for short