Sonic Generations - The PC Release

User Rating: 8 | Sonic Generations PC

So everyone knows that in terms of Anniversary titles for the Sonic franchise haven't been good as of recent (examples being Sonic 06 for the 15th Anniversary) but Sonic Generations being the 20th Anniversary game blew everyone away, the story may have been lacking, but the gameplay made up for it in the end. The gameplay style follows the same style as Sonic Unleashed and Colours therefore seeing as they were the previous mainstream Sonic games it was easy to get a hold of the controls provided that you played Unleashed and Colours to begin with. However this review isn't mainly for the game altogether, this review talks about the PC version in particular. The PC version is in my opinion the definitive version to Sonic Generations. (Generations is a multi-plat meaning that it is also on the Xbox 360 and PS3 and a separate version with different styles of gameplay and different stages.) However for it to be the definitive version make sure that your PC isn't running on "potato" specs. By all means the specs needed aren't that intensive but for the best performance you will want some good specs such as the GTX series from NVidia for example. So the reason I say that it's the better version than the PS3 and Xbox 360 version is number one - the performance. The game performs superbly on the PC provided you have decent specs as I mentioned above. The game runs normally at a nice and smooth 60 FPS, the loading times are INCREDIBLY faster, looking at around 2-3 seconds waiting times as apposed to the 7-8 second waiting time on the console version. Another thing that makes the PC version definitive is the mods. On the PC version you can download this application called "SonicGMI" you place it in your main Sonic Generations directory in your Steam folder and you can download and add mods to it extending the games replay value by a long shot. Anyways I can recommend this game to almost everyone, even if you're starting out with the Sonic series, I just wouldn't look too into the story as it's not very great and feels lacking as I mentioned above.