A pure beauty, full of nostalgia for some and a total disaster for the others

User Rating: 7.5 | Sonic 3D Blast GEN
Well, for me this game would be placed in the first category. I like it so very much. Every now and then, I launch my emulator and play it again and again.

Who can deny the beauty of "Rusty Ruin Zone", "Diamond dust Zone" and "Volcano Valley Zone"?

When I was 13 years old, I just bought and played this game for those three zones. They were great accompanied by beautiful soundtracks. The soundtrack of "Diamond Dust" was beyond perfect. The icy environment, snow men and those packs of ice were all so marvelous.

Those little cute flickies were great too. My favourite was that fat cute green flicky which was very lazy and couldn't walk quite well because of its obesity. lol

If you haven't played it yet, just try "Diamond Dust Zone", and try to capture those frozen flickies. You will fall in love with this game in an instant for sure.