Would be ok if it was a PS1 game.

User Rating: 5.2 | SnoCross 2: Featuring Blair Morgan PS2
I have wanted a decent snowmobile racing game to come out for a while now; I guess I will have to keep waiting.
I knew going into it, it was going to be a budget game. But I was hoping to be surprised with a decent game. Sadly it wasn’t, I will start with the really bad stuff.

The Sound is horrible, the sound of the sleds cuts out a lot and the rock/rap music (no words) in it is really bad. I turned that off soon as I could. The games physics if you can even call them that are just as bad. The skis randomly go into the ground leaving the rear end of the sled in the air. Sometimes your sled just shoots straight up into the air even if you didn’t hit anything. Just tapping stuff some times makes you crash. The air is bad they normal crash right off and you just kill them even on the hardest difficulty. They can’t seem to corner with out crashing.

The Graphics look like a PSP game. Textures look washed out, some even look like their watercolor.

The controls are standard fair. But when starting out I need to power side to make corners, you can use money to buy new parts to make the sled go faster and handle better and later on buy new sleds.

You can make yourself but it’s lacking. It’s basically pick male/female, suit, helmet, gloves, goggles, and boots name yourself and you’re done.

The only real rider is Blair Morgan, but the only way you know this is because his name that’s it. You could make a guy that looks the same. The other riders only have a first name like "Jenna" or something like that.

There are tricks hit a jump push a button and the d-pad and hold longer for more point then land. Doing tricks earns cash at the end and also fills your turbo... yes turbo, why I don’t know.

There is a track editor to make your own track which is a nice touch, but it isn’t that good. Sure you can make a track and race it but the options are slim, but I still give them a nod for at least adding it.

There’s a bowling type mini game but it isn’t very fun.

If you’re hard up for a snow racing game there isn’t much of a choice, but id still rent before buying it. It felt like a PS1 game, but not in a good way.