Snocross 2, could be a LOT better

User Rating: 3.5 | SnoCross 2: Featuring Blair Morgan PS2
Snocross 2: Featuring Blair Morgain, I´ve been looking forward after this game for months. Since I ride snowmobiles in real life I´ve been looking forward after a great snowmobile game, to bad this wasn´t what i really wanted.

In the beginning the game looks really cool, the intro really makes me want to get to the menu and select quick race. But as soon I reach the menu, I get a bit disappointed due the lack of graphics and bad music choice, but wtf, SledStorm for the Ps1 got bad graphics and it rocks, now we must see if this can do anything better. Entering quick race, now I has to select rider, sled (that looks a bit lite the real stuff like ArcticCat, Ski-Doo etc) and course. Lets race...

First race ever, the camera goes through the map, me thinking "this cant be bad, hohoho". Then, when the camera reaches the characters and I get to press the throttle for the first time I hear this really weak engine, hmm, really this bad? Then GO! The AI and I pushes full throttle and goes away, I get really disappointed within the first 5 seconds and it stays through the entire race. My thoughts when I crossed the finish-line first, This sucked really bad.

I mean, the physics is worse than SledStorm (ps1), the rider looks and moves like it has never been on a Sled before, Blair Morgain can´t have tried this game before it released. Played it for a few hours and all I can say at the moment, get SledStorm for the Ps1 instead, it´s so much better.

Now I don´t really know how the game-play is when finished a carrier, but I will find out and I´ll give you an update :)
I can also say that I feel really bad about SledHeadz never released because of reasons I don´t know, I love the Demo of it and if SledHeadz had been released, It would have been the BEST snowmobile game made, ever!